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ngmvmt1 map 15 question about switches

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I've been playing through the 18 maps of New Gothic Movement 1. On map15, in the yellow lava there are 8 teleporters that each teleport you to the nearest bridge. Next to each teleporter is a switch. I have been unable to determine the purpose of the switches. Can anyone shed some light?

I've watched several demo's from doomedsda for this map and the players ignored the switches. In one of j4rio's earlier attempts http://doomedsda.us/lmps/1241/1/ng15-1952.zip he has a text file ngmvmt1map15max_2.txt where he observes that switches don't seem to release anything.

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Pressing all the switches turns the exit into a secret exit. The effect is fairly subtle - note the direction from which the portal is entered.

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Amazing! I should have known since it is map15, which usually has the normal exit to map16 and secret exit to map31.

The effect is indeed quite subtle. In the exit room at the apex of the pyramid, the normal exit to map16 is entered from the south. Once you've flicked all 8 switches the secret exit to map31 is entered from the north instead.

Many thanks RjY, I'm glad I asked. These maps are so well made, I didn't think it was a mistake.

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