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BTSX in Crispy Doom is amazing

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I completed a full playthrough of Back to Saturn X (Episode 1) in Crispy Doom 2.1 (Windows). It was incredible. It felt as if Crispy was the best possible engine for the game - total accuracy, with some optional additions (crosshair, "secret" noises).

Use of the "vanilla" engine really emphasized the "classic" gameplay of BTSX. The 640X400(?) resolution was just the right setting. The original 320X200 would have been too blurry/blocky for me to fully enjoy the lavish graphics and distances of BTSX, yet it was still gritty and shadowy like the original engine.

Here are some images from my playthrough:

640X400 direct engine screenshots using "debug" mode

Gallery of 72 images


1920X1200 Windows screen captures

Gallery of 38 images


(Best viewed on high-brightness, high-colour monitor settings)

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It does look really nice. I played through BTSX with Doom Retro and had a similar experience. It's nice to see maps that work better in software than Open GL. Shows there's plenty of life in the old girl yet!

Off topic: Is the BTSX HUD available as a separate download? I'd love to use it as my default HUD for other maps too. :)

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Glaice said:

What exactly sets Crispy Doom apart from say, Mocha Doom, Chocolate Doom, ZDoom, etc?

Won't somebody please think of Eternity?

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The_Guy222 said:

The 640X400(?) resolution was just the right setting.


1920X1200 Windows screen captures


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It's good for sure, but I don't see why it's so much better than, say, PrBoom+. Chocolate & crispy do have nicer sounding OPL emulation though -- if I recall correctly.

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Gez said:


Well if the engine internally renders at double the resolution of the original and then upscales with nearest neighbour to a super high res, you can't really call it high res.

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TehRealSalt said:

Looks great and all, but I prefer playing it like this.



Don't play on a small screen when you're using the computer, it screws up your vision. Just my piece of advice.

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