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[Palette] An experiment [EDIT: not as bad anymore]

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Doom with a 3/3/2-bit color layout, encompassing more of a complete color gamut but at the cost of color precision on existing art. The original game assets generally do not translate well. It reminds me a little bit of the default MSPaint 256-color palette. They're probably one and the same based on how I generated this palette, but I haven't checked because who cares. The color space is set up like you'd expect: bits 765|432|10 for R|G|B respectively.

The core reason that this is very bad is mostly because there are almost no pure grays in the entire palette. I may hack this again later to provide a range of true grays so the original Doom art isn't so hideous.

May be worth using in a software-rendered artsy-fartsy wad that uses lots of different bright colors. Otherwise, I don't think this is usable.

I've been told 6/8/5 RGB might be useful because it expands to a 240-color range and would allow me to add a length-15 range of grays.

naked hitler dressups

EDIT: 6/8/5 implementation looks weird too. It's acceptable in some areas, but I don't know if this is usable either.


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