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Jaxxoon R

Demon Trench XL

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MAP01, Limit-removing, blahblahblah


This is a heavily-ish retooled version of the map I submitted to NOVA II all those months ago. It's far more detailed, more streamlined, more involved combat, new music, and an entirely new section based off of that one scene from House where the dude goes into the mirror and explores the dark spooky void.

The map itself is a rather melancholy trek through a dark, mountainous environment and the many nearby caverns towards a humble water treatment plant. What dark secrets does it all hold oohsuspensesuspense. I also did a weird trick where I placed lamps and torches behind wall lights so it would look like they're glowing in advanced sourceports.

The only reason it hasn't been added to NOVA II is because Gobu says he prefers the original. Personally I prefer this version, so I'm more than happy to keep the better one all to myself :p

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