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I am giving away two games on Steam (edit: done again)

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TLDNR: Star Trek and Beware Planet Earth now to give away. Be sure to scroll down and read the rules. :)

Hi everybody.

This is a nice community that alreay helped me a lot and i feel quite welcome here. Also besides other factors you guys are part of my motivation to try mapping and maybe modding DooM.

So the story is, i bought the current humble bundle mainly for Dark Souls (already played through on PS3, but had to sell all my console stuff because of financial problems).

I have no interest in two of the games in that bundle, and i think this is a nice little opportunity to show my gratitude and respect for this community.

Platformines and Enslaved where the games i originally opened the thread for to gave away. Those are already taken. But the humble bundle just got two games more, both of which i also don't have enough interest to keep them:

Star Trek
What i heard it is a pretty bad movie tie-in game. Don't know if anyone really thinks he will have fun with it, but regardless. Here is it.

Beware Planet Earth
Looks like a fun tower defence type of game. In the trailer i saw aliens and cows. I honestly don't know if it is good, because Plants vs Zombies was the only game of that kind that ever kept my interest.

If you want one of those games, just post here, and i will PM you the Steam redeem code as soon as i can. It is nearly 10 PM here in germany, so maybe you have to wait till tomorrow afternoon.

Three rules:
1. Whoever is the first user to post his interest for either of those two games, is the one who gets it.
2. Only one game per person.
3. Don't register just to post here and get a free game. If you are a new and friendly user, and that you registered here at that time is a coincidence, i am really sorry. But i just don't want to give away games to random lurkers who are not planning to be part of the community.

edit: Star Trek and Beware Planet Earth are taken. I hope you guys have some fun with those games. :)

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I don't think Star Trek is as bad as it's made out to be.

But go on then, let's try Beware Planet Earth?

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So Beware Planet Earth has found its home. Star Trek, about which i heard from a very competent source that it is not as bad is still waiting for someone to go and grab it. :)

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I'll take Star Trek, a friend's been bugging me to coop it with him for massive laughs, and I think I will do it once I receive the key from you.

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