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You are in Doom mood, but want to watch a movie. What do you watch?

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So you are in the mood for some Doom kind of movie. What do you watch?

Aliens for example is a pretty obvious choice. But what is YOUR choice? Trying to find some movies i could try out when i am in that mood.

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There is no "Doom kind of movie" for me. If I'm in a mood for Doom, but want a "static" experience (as opposed to actively playing or editing Doom) other than reading this forum, I'm either listening to Tango TV and similar talking podcasts about Doom, or finding some related Youtube video. Still, this happens very, very rarely.

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When I think about it real hard The Punisher: War Zone seems like a near perfect candidate.

Seriously, The Punisher: War Zone may not be sci-fi or has demons... BUT, it perfectly captures the ultra-violence and absurdism of the Doom Games. Heads explode, they get punched in, impaled by the legs of chairs. It's also really silly with cheesy acting and you can't really take a single moment of the movie seriously because it's like cartoon.

I love that movie. <3

If you want a more serious alternative I can recommend Dredd. Dredd is awesome.

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BaronOfStuff said:

I can't really relate to this topic. If I'm in a Doom mood, it means I want to play Doom, not watch a movie.

Or I could watch a demo on PrBoom+, or Youtube.

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So many cool movies here mentioned. Army of Darkness was also one of those i had in mind, Bruce Campbell with a shotgun and chainsaw kicks so much butt, hat mathamaticians still have to invent new numbers to measure that.

Also Dredd and Warzone, those are what i consider modern 90s movies. :)

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Dave The Daring said:


One of my favorites, though for this topic I would go with "Aliens" or "Event Horizon."

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