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Westside Connection === New & Improved Odamex servers!

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Introducing the new and improved server cluster for Odamex!

Greetings Doomers. Due to the supreme generosity of Dr_Sean and Mr.Crispy, I have recently been made administrator of a server cluster on Odamex called Westside Connection. At present there are 12 servers up, and I have designed them to suit any Doomer's preference.

You'll find all the Cooperative and Deathmatch classics here, but also a whole lot of new stuff you may not have seen before. No matter what kind of fragging you enjoy, you can find it here!

NOTE: All of these WADs are availible for download HERE. Thanks to Odamex's innovative wad rotation system, many different WADs can be hosted and a single server, and maps can be chosen via voting :)


Cooperative Cluster


Cooperative Rotation #1: IWAD Maps
//This server contains all the commercial IWAD maps. (duh)

Cooperative Rotation #2
//This server contains the following PWADs:
Momento Mori
Hell Revealed
Alien Vendetta
+various other WADs. Open to suggestions!

Cooperative Rotation #3
//This server contains the following PWADs:
Momento Mori 2
Scythe 2
Hell Revealed 2
Plutonia 2
Speed of Doom
UAC Ultra
BTSX: Episode 1
+Open to suggestions!

Duel Cluster

Duel Rotation #1: OS
//This server contains the following maps:
Doom2 Map01
Danzig1 Map11
Dwango5 Map01
Dwango6 Map01
Dwango5 Map07
Styxdm01 Map01
Dweller2 Map01
Dweller2 Map11
Xfire5 Map03
Greenwar Map20
Kid_Duel Map01
Kid_Duel Map04
Dwango6 Map23
Greenwar Map24
Greenwar Map25
Brit10 Map01
Brit10 Map07
ZDM_3 Map05
ZDM_3 Map13
Lazarus1j Map01
Lazarus1j Map04
Lazarus1j Map09
DMC2 Map03
DMC2 Map04
DMC2 Map05
Danzig2 Map19
Danzig2 Map02
(40 maps total)

Duel Rotation #2: NS
//This server contains the following maps:
Skirmish1on1 Map01
Skirmish1on1 Map02
UptightDM uptdm06, 17, 28
EonDM Map02
EonDM Map05
Onsl2 Map01
Onsl2 Map13
GothicDM Map01
GothicDM Map02
Aftermath Map04
Aftermath Map05
Greenwar Map16
Brit11 Map01
Brit11 Map04
SwarmDMx Map03
SwarmDMx Map04
Xenosx9 Map04
Dwango6 Map12
Dwango6 Map15
Dwango7 Map06
Dwango12 Map02
Dwango20 Map03
Dwango20 Map16
UDM3 Map03
UDM3 Map04
DK_DM_13 Map01
DK_DM_13 Map04
Omgmaps Map04
ZDM_14 Map01
EXEC Map02
EXEC Map06
EXEC Map13
Bacardi1 Map05
MancerX3 Map14
MancerX3 Map15
FastDM Map01
(40 maps total)

Deathmatch Cluster

Deathmatch #1: Staph1 & 2
(8 Maps)

Deathmatch #2: NS Rotation
Z-Match Series
UDM Series
Greenwar 2
DM2forDM (rotation)
32in24: 13
+various (open to suggestions!)

Deathmatch #3: OS Rotation [DM Stuff]
Miano's Deathmatch
Deathmatch Revival (rotation)
+various (open to suggestions!)

Deathmatch #4: DWANGO Rotation
Hand picked maps from the whole DWANGO series - Out of 350 existing Dwango maps, this server only contains 91, the best DWANGO has to offer.

Deathmath #5: Z-Match 2015 Testing
Come here if you'd like to help us test our upcoming DM wad!

Capture the Flag cluster

CTF #1:

CTF #2:

How do I connect?

You can use IDE, or just open Odamex and connect right from the console.
It's simple - Just type "connect grandpachuck.org:10XXX" without quotations.

Coop #1: grandpachuck.org:10676
Coop #2: grandpachuck.org:10677
Coop #3: grandpachuck.org:10678

Duel #1: grandpachuck.org:10670
Duel #2: grandpachuck.org:10671

Deathmatch #1: grandpachuck.org:10666
Deathmatch #2: grandpachuck.org:10685
Deathmatch #3: grandpachuck.org:10655
Deathmatch #4: grandpachuck.org:10659
Deathmatch #5: grandpachuck.org:10657

CTF #1: grandpachuck.org:10680
CTF #2: grandpachuck.org:10681


I hope you enjoy what Westside Connection has to offer. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to come chat n' frag, join us over at irc.quakenet.org #odamex! We're always open to new WADs so go ahead and list some thing you'd like to see here in the future.


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Ralphis said:

I'd love a coop server of just BTSX E1/E2

That's a swell idea - Likely to happen in the near future :)

Also Ralphis - Maybe you can help me - Is there an Oda compat version of ZDMEGACTF 1-3? I love those maps but for some reason the flags show up as zombieman corpses in Odamex (which honestly gave me a good laugh.) Did anyone up compiling at least most of these maps for Oda play? (I was thinking of using the wdl2015 WAD but wasn't sure if appropriate)

kelliegator said:

Looking forward to some deathmatch, I'll keep my eyes open on these servers.

Come to IRC any time (especially afternoons/evenings US East Coast times - Bright and early here in AUS) and I'll be there and willing to frag :)

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I would like to see a shareware deathmatch server. Probably OS with widescreen enabled and full blood disabled.

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Manual return CTF is up thanks to MrCrispy! Im just curious - Why a shareware server? I'm not at all opposed to it - Heck, I could just have shareware E1 replacing "commercial E1" on the wad rotation, I'm just crious why?

EDIT: DUH, For deathmatch. That makes sense. Still, E1M1 deathmatch is so much better on the registered version D:

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capodecima said:

i'd love DM map with kitchen when i could cook pancakes 24/7.

I like pancakes too

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capodecima said:

i'd love DM map with kitchen when i could cook pancakes 24/7.

Okay man, next DM wad i make will definitely have a kitchen with a big ass stack of pancakes

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Doomkid said:

Okay man, next DM wad i make will definitely have a kitchen with a big ass stack of pancakes

I hope you would douse that big ass stack of pancakes with some maple syrup.

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