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Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

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2 hours ago, Coincident said:

Hello David.

There are some problems with your zip file that prevent us from uploading it to DSDA:
- You put the txt and lmp inside a folder, and that folder has no write permissions. To avoid problems, please put the .lmp and .txt files directly on the root of the zip file, without any folders inside.
- Please do not include the "desktop.ini" file inside the zip

You can fix these problems and upload a new zip in a new forum post, and that new zip file will be picked up for upload soon.


Oh, my mistake. Thanks for letting me know; hope this works better.


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One more Sunlust map on Nightmare. This time 100% secrets. A personal goal, but not a record though. Maybe one day... This was a great exercise in performing glides bc monsters were shooting me the whole time.


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Map 24 (Dying on Cue) Nightmare!-speed in 1:25 (previous record was 2m33s by 0xf00ba12)



Man, I am really happy to post this run! Dying on Cue is challenging on Nightmare difficulty, but not in a fair manner. Most of my deaths happened in the start area, either because I missed the bars or got blocked in the passages. Credits go to 0xf00ba12 for the route, and I'm almost done with all of the NoMo ILs!

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The wad is done! A NoMo D2ALL will be coming next, I will be going for sub-40m. I had a great time doing every map and improving my movement skills.


EDIT: Just got a 36:53... I guess the grind is on for sub-35m.


Episode Three (maps 21-30) NoMo individual-level demos:


sl22o051.zip (very tough demo to make)

sl23o016.zip (PB time, route credits to Kyle McAwesome)

sl24o050.zip (Uses 2 skips, one being the zero press)





[sl29o has already been uploaded]

sl30o755.zip (I got sub-8m :p)


NoMo 100s individual-level demos:

sl21os119.zip (Route credits to 0xf00ba12)


sl23os047.zip (This is probably one of the only ones worth watching)


[sl25os is NA]


sl27os235.zip (Route optimization?)



[sl30os has already been uploaded]



As usual... tell me if there are any issues, thanks! The demos should all play back in


Edited by Starduster

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Sunlust map 26 UV max in 9:57


Hey guys there's some chump in my comments who thinks I did this map tool-assisted, so I am proving it the only way I know how. I just happened to be recording a demo of it. It is also a pretty good run because the beginning was giving me trouble. But of course, he has every right to laugh at me not 2-shotting cyberdemons. Thanks for your help!



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3 minutes ago, David Asaad said:

Hey guys there's some chump in my comments who thinks I did this map tool-assisted

That is a troll and not a very good one. Ignore/delete.

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I always stay away from long maps, and I hate packed arenas where you can get stuck and instantly die. My biggest fear is when there are roaming arch-viles around that can zap you at any time. That is why I decided to face my fears and conquer this map! I feel like I can play anything now. In a previous attempt, I actually died 46 minutes in because I forgot to fill up my BFG before the final 16 arch-viles; a few guys from the discord helped inspire me to keep trying after that traumatic experience. Arch-viles dodged all my shots at the end of this run, and I almost died again, but I managed to run outside and kill them with rockets. Thank you all and most importantly, thank you Ribbiks and Dannebubinga for the gift of Sunlust!


Edited by David Asaad

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Sunlust: Episode One (maps 1-10) NoMo in 6:10



Overall this was great considering it was gonna be a d2all but I wasn't feeling it. My performance was nearly at its peak while recording this, that doesn't mean it is without flaws, however. Map specific comments in the txt file. 

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Hey everyone, I just want to share a cool discovery with you guys :). Map29 has almost always been an issue for me, at least in NoMo. The north glide is very inconsistent and has already ruined 3 d2all attempts. I've had it with that; it's not going to ruin any more good runs. After looking around the map for about an hour, I discovered a very cool route using 2 easy glides. 


Demo file (for demonstration purposes): sl29newroute.zip


Instead of going to the yellow key room, I head straight to the balcony outside. After I lower everything then I can move quickly to the room with the red key. There's a pretty easy guided glide I use here that drastically speeds everything up. After that, the red key is only a west glide away and I can head straight to the exit. Now, why exactly am I sharing this? I dunno, thought it was cool.





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Sunlust: Entering Aquatic Desert (Map21) Nightmare! 100% secrets in 1:20



Anyone willing to harm their mental health can go for sub-1:20, but beware, it's mostly luck-based. I've warned you. Uses 0xf's route (but optimizes it by using a step to get the first secret quicker).

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Sunlust Full-game (D2ALL) Nomonsters run in 36m22s



Maybe I'll improve this to get 35m someday. We'll see how I feel in the next month or so. I encountered a weird bug on Map07 - not sure what happened? Must have been a lineskip because I started going through the teleport sequence instead of the SSG. Some maps went really well while I choked on others (like 24, 22, 16, 29). This took a lot of work to make, I hope you enjoy it!

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2 hours ago, David Asaad said:

Nice man! Mr. Zzul (killer5) has been trying to improve his 9:54 for a while.

Thanks! I have no doubt he will get It soon

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