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Andrea Rovenski

Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

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Ribbiks said:

that map used some transfer-sector-property behaviors to make a normal sector register as secret after you hit a switch that teles in a secret PG: here.

Oh, now I see the problem is in a different place. The secret with automap consists of 2 secret sectors but it's quite tricky to tag one of them.

Also, map06 has an invulnerability outside of the map and a useless(?) blue key but I guess both are a "part of the joke"...? :)

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Demonologist said:

Map04 UV Max in 2:45.

I was really hoping nobody would actually do that, at least not for a few more decades.

also, 4 max 2:42


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Okay, this is a really monstrous time investment as of now (and I really want my Saturday back!), and now I doubt it was worth it, so for historic purposes - here's my 04 maxrun with the same 2:42 time (a bunch of milliseconds faster fwiw, ahah, I'm sooo proud) from hours ago, and this is where I give up on this luckfest. This game has won.
And big thank you, j4rio!

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Map12 Pacifist in 1:32

For funsies. I'm not sure if going for blue key without the plasma detour makes things faster, but what I can say for certain is that it's much harder and more RNG dependant. Tried it for some time but grew tired eventually.


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I made some investigations on map31 and i found the way how to fly. I mean how fall off from island and walk outside of map :D.
But... I still have problem with secret. Somehow i could open that lever but i don't know how. If there wasn't these stupid scripts (-_-)


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GrumpyCat said:

Here it is: =)

Map21 Pacifist 0:33

Nice tricks, the beginning route was a bit slow though :)

Map21 Pacifist in 0:29


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Demonologist said:

Map25 UV Max in 9:24


Required some stellar alignment and strat alterations, but at least this demo can be watched without constant facepalm (I hope?..). Good riddance. Packing my things on this map for now. Thanks danne!


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made a crap 11 max but i wont post it untill its improved. so probably never lol free time is over sadly.

awesome map5 and map25 max demos guys

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j4rio said:

map 6 max 2:47

love the yolo strat for the final enemies :D. btw you can just SR50 to the megasphere (from the RL platform), don't need to AV jump, but I don't think it would notably affect the final time either way.

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