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Any background info on other Doom console ports?

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Since the one sole programmer behind 3DO Doom spoke out about the background behind the port a few months back, I was curious if anyone might have some background into the development of any of the other console ports of Doom. Obviously, the background info about several Doom ports (32X, Jaguar, Playstation, Doom 64) is already pretty well documented around the web. However, I was curious if anybody knew any background info about any of the other older ports: such as the Super Nintendo (which was built from the ground up especially for that system), Sega Saturn (a port of the Playstation version that is plagued with many issues), or the Game Boy Advance versions (Arguably the last time that a port of Doom didn't simply emulate the original DOS version).

So, I guess if anyone has any knowledge about those three ports (or any of the other ones as well) feel free to speak up, I'd be very interested to hear any stories.

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