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*** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

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Thanks. But no, Won't work correctly. I'll do something else for a moment..

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I am having a very strange issue with a Boom map I've been working on when running it in GZDoom. At the very start of the map, looking slightly to the left crashes GZDoom on the same spot every time. And not the crash with a message, but it just freezes with the midi running. Not only that, but if I move my mouse to the right and spin my character 360 degrees, the problem no longer occurs and I can play the map as normal. At that point, starting a new game and looking left no longer causes the issue. It only occurs when initially launching the map and running GZDoom. Any idea at all as to what could be causing such a bug? Happens both with 4.3.1 and after updating to 4.3.3.


Edit: And the culprit is 7 extra lines nearby slightly rounding out a rock wall!

Situation normal:




Crash on startup:




Edited by Spectre01

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