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Some song I made

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This isn't polished and it isn't in MIDI, but I was wondering it any of you thought it could be a decent basis for a song or if it sucks too much to even consider using. I could convert it to MIDI and a volunteer could give it a nice arrangement.

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Feels part Killer-Game-Show, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and vanilla Doom.

I definitely can see this in a few Wads.

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Sure as hell beats another D_RUNNIN experience. You could probably get someone to build a map based off the beats. Nice and pacey. Of course, how it converts to Doom2's midi soundfonts would be a big deal.

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Noiser said:

Cool amiga-style music! The composition is great.

What tracker do you used to make it?


I use OpenMPT whenever I mess around with modules.

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