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3HTP (3DGE DHTP) [Update]

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Finally! 3DGE now has a version of the DHTP to call its own. With full permission from the Doomenator himself, and with proper credits to all of the authors who made this possible to begin with, I humbly present the 3HTP.


- Unzip the contents to your 3DGE directory. Load the 3HTP Base Flats wad and the 3HTP Base Textures wad, and then load one of the proper HD texture wads according to which iwad is being used.

Bugs and Issues:

- There is no way to solve the STEP1/STEP2 issue at this time, so those two steps will act weirdly at times.
- A very small number of textures are missing, but they will be added later.


- Download 3DGE 2.0.2 at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/files/latest/download?source=files
- Buy Doom Classic Complete at: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/18397/
- Hard times? Strapped for cash? Then download and support the Freedoom project at: https://freedoom.github.io/download.html

Tech Talk:

It is a very good idea to make sure that your computer has the recommended specs that Coraline has listed on the 3DGE Wiki:

- Pentium-class 1.0 GHz CPU or faster (1.2 GHz recommended for modern modifications).
- 128MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended).
- Hardware accelerated 3D card with OpenGL drivers. Should be at least a Voodoo, but you'll need better, especially if you want to use dynamic lights along with the models.

Future Plans:

- Add missing textures.
- More bug fixes.
- More optimization.

Original Readme:

=== Credits:
ID software: http://www.idsoftware.com/

Chilvence: chilvence@gmail.com http://www.stateoftheworld.eclipse.co.uk
KuriKai: eunbolt@gmail.com
Freelanzer : http://freelanzer.com freelanzer@gmail.com
Tea Monster: Tea_monster@yahoo.com
Harry: harryboam@hotmail.com
esselfortium: sl4@mac.com
DaniJ: danij@dengine.net http://modelyard.newdoom.com
Cpt Howdy: malfunction@accessky.net
Freedom: http://freedoom.sourceforge.net
FAK: flaviofak@gmail.com
Reinchard: Reinchard2@gmail.com
MR_Rocket: mrrocket2001@hotmail.com
Jive: jean.yves.delpech@gmail.com
Cpt Howdy: malfunction@accessky.net
Fredrik Johansson: http://fredrik.mancubus.net/
Zimond: ben.maas@gmx.de
Mr.Chris: icedragonchris@hotmail.com
Cheprasov Andrey: Video-Ripper@Yandex.RU / Satan-213@yandex.RU
Coen Zimmerman: tabun@planetquake.com http://www.tabun.nl/index.php
De-M-oN: de-m-on@gmx.de
MikeNick2: nickecky@web.de
lostless: lostless@gmail.com
Rygel: unknown_ivy@hotmail.com
KMan: kman@polycount.com
Necro: necrodome@gmx.net
Saint : http://www.saintshaven.com/
Tabun: http://www.wireheadstudios.org/generations/
Slide: http://slide.newdoom.com
Gamedude : brad_brake@yahoo.com

John Doe:
Dorian gray:
Kirk Barnes & KriGSSv1N:
Jim and Chris Waurzyniak:

* KMan: kman@polycount.com / http://www.polycount.com/cottages/kman/
* Simon D Howard: sdh300@ecs.soton.ac.uk / http://freedoom.sourceforge.net
* mmnpsrsoskl: mmnpsrsoskl@hotmail.com
* Mr.Chris: chrisdragon425@yahoo.com
* Michael D他fler: necrodome@gmx.net
* Alexander Hvostov: alex@aoi.dyndns.org
* WWS: jarik@chnpp.atom.gov.ua
* DoomKid: doomkid@swbell.net
* Alexey: piz@pochtamt.ru
* Albert: A.Werfhorst@Chello.nl
* redM: CHARGER@t-online.de
* Carol: carollauer@earthlink.net
* Reinhard: RUnterreitmayer@aol.com

=== Some source:

=== Software:
Adobe Photoshop
Filter Forge


Download Link (212 MB):


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I saw that all four texture wads were about the same size and have almost the same number of textures in them. That didn't make sense to me, since Doom has a lot fewer textures that Doom2. I quickly looked through them and saw crates labelled TNT in the Doom1 wad and a wall labelled TNT in the Plutonia wad. I've never worked with 3DGE, so I don't know how it handles textures, but it looks like you have a fair amount of unnecessary duplication across the wads. Eliminating that would probably bring the size down significantly.

Otherwise, nice job! Great looking textures!

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I've had to do things very differently with 3DGE due to the engine not supporting PK3 and a directory structure as of yet. There should be a folder with the main textures shared throughout all of the iwads, then there should be a separate folder for each iwad that contains textures that only appear in that particular iwad. I've had to put the main textures into each individual texture wad, and that increases the size enormously. Trust me - it made me consider scrapping the whole project altogether because it is unacceptably large. Other 3DGE users have emailed me personally and told me that they would really like to see this thing released, so here it is. PK3 support is planned for a future point release of 3DGE, so I will eventually be able to put this texture pack together properly.

@Da Werecat: I'm updating the model pack little by little. This latest version was more about fixing bugs and optimizing while putting in models that are a little more up to date. I chose that shotgun because it is the one that looks the most like the vanilla version, even though it may not be the most popular one to use. I kinda want to keep things as close to vanilla as possible with this pack.

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.rar apparently isn't a proper archive, and is broken for me. Tried redownloading it three times. :/

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Such a shame it has to be in a .wad

Have you thought of having this pack on github as a fork of the dhtp? then you can easily pull new textures that are made and I can do the same

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@Jay: I'm looking into it at the moment.

@Kurikai: My sentiments, exactly. 7Zip/PK3 support for 3DGE is in the works, but I'm stuck using .wad format for the time being. It's a pain, but it's all that I've got to work with at the moment. Github could definitely be in the future. I'm currently out on assignment in the middle of the desert for my job (gotta love work, yeah?), and my internet is spotty at best. I'll fix and update the pack as soon as possible.

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@Jayextee: I added an alternate download that uses .ZIP format. I couldn't find any issues with the .RAR download. I asked several others to download it and test it, and they couldn't find any either. Unfortunately, the extra link has a larger download size than the .RAR link. Hopefully the new link works better for you.

@Glaice: The sky boxes are part of the AltDHTP pack that the Doomenator put together. I'm planning on making new panoramic sky boxes and putting them into the next update. I try to keep everything as close to vanilla as possible, so expect them to follow the original sky boxes more closely.

@ducon: I'm assuming that you're downloading the latest version of 3DGE from sourceforge (updated the link, btw). I'm not in charge of that page, and I don't know of any other pages that include a direct link, so I can't help you there.

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