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1. just realized that it makes your download the images, my bad.
Any advice or criticisms would be appreciated.

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So overall it looks pretty good. Maybe try adding some light gradients (bright to darkness) instead of having so many flickering/strobing sectors.

Then make sure all the areas of your map are interconnected in some meaningful way. Like windows/teleports/bridges to connect all those hallways. Slowly transition from each theme into the next, don't have any dramatic texture changes. Just kind of make it feel like an organic change from green tech, to gray base, to hell zone, etc. Introduce a little bit at a time so the player has time to appreciate each theme as you execute it to its fullest extent.

It is possible to strafe run from the sergeants' ledge to grab the blue key, might want to add some bars made out of sectors or an impassable midtexture. Make sure there some areas repopulate with monsters when it feels appropriate to drain the player of health or ammo.

Good luck, keep practicing

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