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Bad Luck Ranger

Vultures in Hades; Chapter five.

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Doom: Vultures of Hades.
Chapter Five: Dawson.

Dawson raised his arms and walked out onto the landing pad, he could see the sneer on the Bull Imp’s face, his small stubby nose, pointy ears and an array of random horns and bone extremities protruded from the monsters face.
“Ah,” the Bull Imp sighed in recognition, “I see, you’ve chosen to give up… I’m sure you all ready know the fate of your two friends…”
Dawson abruptly cut in; “Shut up… you fucking pile of hell piss, now you listen to me. I couldn’t give a Strogg arse whether or not you have some straightforward little plan. I know my plan… call it a mantra and my mantra is to kill you and save my friends. You want wrath, I’ll give you wrath!”
The Bull Imp’s eyes widened by shock then he leapt out of the firing range of Dawson’s Plasma Rifle.
Dawson gave out a mighty war cry as he fed ball after ball of super heated energy into the Martian scenery, the Bull Imp trying desperately to escape came to a sudden halt and slumped onto the ground. Dawson’s weapon’s battery, exhausted, let out an Out of Ammo signal, a continuos siren.
The Bull Imp though shaken lay sprawled on the floor, he had taken a shot to the arm, flesh sizzled as the monster lifted himself up with his good arm, he watched in agonising horror as his bad arm dripped and slumped onto the floor in a disembodied mess.
“My arm! My arm! You…” Shouted the creature in bitter agony.
Dawson strolled up the hell spawn and spat at him. “Yeah, you ready to listen now! I’ve got a plan… now unless you want me to kill you here and now you will do exactly what I say!” Dawson forcefully took charge.
The one armed monster kicked himself against the nearest wall while cradling the remaining stump of his left arm. Though suddenly he let out a scowling laugh. “You Terrans are all the same and besides, you’ll like my plan. You’re part of it.”
Dawson just ignored him, “Shut up!” he shouted as he slammed the red-hot barrel of his Plasma Rifle into the right side of the Bull Imp’s face, the barrel began burning at the naked flesh.
Dawson removed his sidearm pistol and whipped the creature round the other side of his face as a distraction for rearming his Plasma Rifle, he plugged in another cartridge and again forced the hot barrel into the side of the Bull Imp’s face.
“You’re a resilient mother fucker ain’t you!” Spat Dawson as he holstered his pistol, “Tell you what, you want to listen to my demands or am I going to have to blow your other arm off.”
The threat did nothing to deter the creature from slinging more verbal abuse. “Listen to an Earth bred piece of shit like you… never!”
“Wrong answer!” Scowled Dawson as he dragged the barrel down the side of the Bull Imp’s face as he directed it at the top of the right shoulder blade. He gripped the trigger and pushed forcefully, a mighty explosion of blood and flesh erupted throwing Dawson several feet and slinging the crippled hell spawn across the wall.
The monster though still alive continued to laugh albeit painfully. Dawson confusingly took a quick look around but it was too late as a flaming ball slammed into his side causing him to be thrown across the landing pad. He struggled to get up but vomited blood, he watched as half a dozen Imps sauntered around the lone Scavenger. Two more Imp’s helped prop the no armed Bull Imp, “Whether you like it or not, you will be part of my plan.” The hell spawn vengefully spat at the near unconscious Dawson.

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