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Making WADs centered around the level song

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So recently I found a large dump of Amiga songs and I've been listening to them, and I had an idea of basically listening to a single Amiga song that I thought sounded fun and cool, and then making a Doom map to fit that song.

I just got done working on a map that uses my edited version of this song
and it's really fast paced and fun.

It's also rather large and open.
But the map design kinda is iffy.

So does anyone else do this? Right now I'm working on a WAD that will vary in how many levels it will have, but it's point is to just fit the songs I use perfectly, and I think I'm doing good justice. Atleast for the second map lol.

Maybe I'll release it here on the forum sometime, since I'm sure the archive will not allow the songs.

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Amiga music, so awesome. Anyone remember Jumping Jackson?

For me personally, music like this is way too upbeat for doom. I don't generally play the colorful Wads.

But adding music from The Killer Game show would be kind of cool.

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This is how I make maps, I listen a certain son and I think "Hey, I should make a map with this song". However in most of cases I lose inspiration after a few minutes.

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Sometimes I pick out a midi, think "How can I make a map that will work with this", and then proceed to do so. It doesn't always work out and occasionally I'm stuck with a map, an unfitting (or somewhat fitting) midi, and I can't find a midi that'll fit perfectly.

I'm in that exact situation right now, it's frustrating, heh.

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