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Commissioning a built demo?

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Hi all,

For quite some time now I've been meaning to finalize InstaDoom and upload it to the archive, but one of the last things I want to include is a (vanilla) demo showing off an added feature. The particulars of what I want basically require that the demo be build in XDRE or something similar.

I've toyed with XDRE a little and I could probably cobble together what I want by myself, but I thought I should put out a call and see if there are any TASers who might be willing to help me out.

The demo I want is quite technical (think: on the level of Looper's built nomo 4-player D2ALL demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1T7veqA9gM ) but it only needs to be like a minute long, if not less.

Anyways, if you have experience with built demos and might be interesting, please let me know.

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