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Problem with multiplayer with zdoom

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I can host a multiplayer game fine but when anyone tries to join all it does is go into singleplayer. The person hosting the agem still has the "waiting for other players" message. What ip type am I suppose to use? I tried ipv4 and ipv6.

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First off, make sure the other players are using the same version of ZDoom as you are. ZDoom is notoriously flaky when it comes to multiplayer, so unless you're trying to run the most cutting edge mods (your Hideous Destructor's and your Doom RPG's of the world), you'll probably be better off using Zandronum and setting up a server on the [BE] cluster. If you're sticking with ZDoom, use this guide here (http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=45124) to set up, and feel free to ask for help in the networking section of the ZDoom forums, since they'll tend to know this stuff the best.

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Thanks for the reply :). I am positive we are using the same version since i copied the folder from a usb drive. There was another problem when it did try to join the game it said contacting host but wouldn't connect, but i saw a fix for that in the link you sent me so I will try that next time.

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