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Maz Hades

New level for e3m5: zamanthyte ruins

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It would indeed suit being the first level. I tried fixing the HOM errors, but I'm not sure what's causing them.
Also what did you use to record the demo, it won't run on gzdoom or skulltag.

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Hit F4 and marvel at all the errors... basically the HOM in that area is caused by various rookie mistakes with editing, such as overlapping linedefs which reference different sectors, unclosed sectors consisting of two lines, etc..

That aside, it's not a bad map and would be an ideal E3M1. The ending fight however is totally pointless and -- now don't take this personally -- a bit shit; there's no incentive or requirement to engage the horde here since rushing by everything is a viable and virtually risk-free option, and anyone actually going for 100% kills on UV would have to wait around for a lot of infighting to thin out the numbers. It's just a boring encounter and a weak ending to an otherwise half-decent opening map.

Belched out a quick HOM fix, added some missing texture placeholders and fucked with some some minor geometry adjustments.

Didn't change any item or monster placements.

-Edit 2-
Oh fuck it, I got bored so I fixed it up a bit.

Also now compatible with DOOM.WAD, for anyone who wants to check but simply can't bear playing with Freedoom's incomplete-so-far sprite and sound resources. Tested with both DOOM.WAD and freedoom1.wad just to be sure.

-Edit 3-
Bored again, so this happened. What happened? Next post will explain that.

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Double-post to bump thread and reflect actual active work on brushing this map up:

The overall flow and layout is practically unchanged, but a few lines and sectors have been tidied up, re-detailed, and had some several lighting effects and other basic crud lobbed in for visual reasons.

Also played around with some tweaks to monsters/items/secrets.

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Looks much better now :) My levels tend to be narrative-based, and that style kind of clashes with the rest of Freedoom's levels. I like what you did with the secret in the pink tunnel, it's much tidier but not too subtle.

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I just played through the map. It is a lot of fun, and definitely gives a transition into the "hellish" themed later levels. I really liked the segment going onto the AGM ship.

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