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Where can I find the Boom Animation Manager?

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The link on the utilities page is broken and google isn't helping. If not that program then I'd want something equivalent that would allow me to add new animated textures and flats without overriding existing ones in boom format. Thanks!

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It won't run on my 64-bit Windows 7?

I tried making an ANIMATED lmp in a hex editor but clearly I was doing something wrong. I went off of the specification here: http://www.zdoom.org/w/index.php?title=ANIMATED

Where the names of my textures are 51DMH1, 51DMH2, 51DMH3, and 51DMH4.

I also tried padding the texture names like so

When testing in ZDoom (was easier to get up and running than prboom given the circumstances) the textures weren't animated.

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Nevermind! I found the issue. I had my endian-ness wrong with the frames. It was animating properly, I would just have had to wait an unreasonably long time to see the next frame.

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