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Louigi Verona

Prboom+ compatible total conversions

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Can anyone suggest a good TC that would be compatible with prboom+?

I tried, for instance, Chex Quest, but it is weird and level design is, in my view, poor.
But I am eager to see good conversions. I did explore Doom TC lists, but most of them require ZDoom.

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Hacx is an amazing TC which I believe should work. Also, try Batman Doom and the original Aliens TC (very outdated, mind you). For PC's the best one's that I have played would be STRAIN (hugely underrated in modern times) and Obituary. Please note that V1.2 of Hacx is the one that you will require and it works in PrBoom + because I recorded a few demos for it but future versions will be ZDoom exclusive.

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