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Captain Ventris

The Sanchez Perler Parlor (We do custom orders and have a Flemoid)

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Here is the new Perler Bead art store my fiance and I have started.

My fiance and I have been getting into Perler Bead art in preparation for our Wedding, and have become so enamored with it that we have opened an Etsy store just for Perler Bead art.

We are open to and in fact invite custom orders, so if you ever just really wanted a big bead Megasphere or whatever, we're your folks. The designs we have up will continue to increase in variety as time goes, but again you can just toss an idea our way and we can work out a design (because Perler beads only come in so many colors!) and a quote.

Currently our first commission, a foot-wide Majora's Mask design, is stillin the works (thus some missing beads), but once the one color we needed comes in the mail my fiance will complete it. Here it is right now, with several placeholder hot pink beads in places where it's less evident that the missing color needs to go.

For those of you who have seen enough of Etsy, you may realize that there is only one large Majora's mask design you can find on there - most everyone uses the same one. Ours is unique, and was drawn by me.

Below is one of our bigger pieces currently available, though we are open to any size of artwork.

Now available for purchase. So yes, we can do Doom Engine sprites, I mean it!

More designs will come up with time, but please, order and ask away!

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A hint- have you tried ironing both sides of the beads? If you do not there is a high (especially with flimsy details or single beads) for breakage.

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Alright, plenty of new items up, notably including an 11" by 10" original design of Majora's mask (as previewed in the first post). Check the store for all the new stuff! Also some Doom stuff might go up later today, so ya know, keep an eye out.

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