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General Baron In Doom 4 Thread

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EDIT: I thought I was the first to find this second baron of hell in the hell gameplay trailer but I guess not... Seeing as I can't delete my own thread for whatever stupid reason I guess this is just a general baron thread. First person to find this baron is here:

What do you guys think about the new baron? I like that he's larger than the hell knight and seems much more threatening. From what little we've seen of them the horns look cool. Glad they brought back the hooves.

I hope he's more of a melee monster this time around. He's much larger and looks more fit for melee combat than ranged. If he has a ranged attack that's fine, but I feel like his melee should do much more damage.

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Once he's in melee range we're pretty much dead, so I'd prefer to keep him at projectile distance either way.

Can't see much, even in the closer shots, but looks promising.

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