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Doom ammo cans

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When I started getting back into firearms I started buying lots of ammo when it is available. The cheapest to buy far is 9mm and bulk 7.62x54r. If that means nothing to you it's a very solid high powered round and has a long service history. It's also cheap and sadly for a time it was cheaper to shoot that even .22lr. The doomy thing about it is I can see were doom's ammo boxes got their inspiration.

Here is how ammo comes and is typically stored in an arsenal. This ammo is Soviet surplus made in the cold war, Bulgaria 1986. The can on the right is a surplus Ammo can of unknown size and is the typical can people think of when it comes to ammo.

This reminds me of the pistol/chaingun ammo. However not very easy to use in battle as the sealed cans need a can opener and come in little paper packs.

This would actually make sense in the game as these bulk ammo cans are likely among the 1st things abandoned due to weight. This is also part of the reason why the USSR chose to make ammunition out of spec with NATO. It could be ditched, not used against them and reused if recaptured. These Bulgarian boxes ran me $80, the Russian stuff ran me about $100. Last year shops were selling .22lr for $100 for a box of 500. I could spend the same or slightly less and get 440 rounds of high powered Soviet glory.
Here is the gun, well one of them, that uses this stuff.

Their resting place. With proper literature to make rifles feel at home.

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3 are the smaller black one is a savage64, a cheap .22 rifle.

The first 2 are M9130s. One being a Tula 1943 and the other being a Izhevsk also made in 43, but much rougher and with some incomplete machine working. Still both will last a life time and have good bores, shoot great.
The last is an m44, the carbine version with a fixed folding bayonet. The other 2 have bayonets, but they are in the closet. A M9130 with bayonet is about 5'6" tall, it's a big gun. No sissy assault rifle here, this is a battle rifle. 5 shot, bolt action. Similar to a .303 or .308, rifles, all are about the same size.

...oh and the ammo, like most military surplus it is corrosive. Meaning you got to wash the bore, bolt and gas tube(semi/auto). Then clean and oil the gun EVERY time you shoot. You do that anyways, right? Else salts from the primers attract moister and cause rust. Cleaning is actually very easy to do. Takes 5 minutes to take apart and put back together, including bolts. Being soviet ALL the tools are built into the gun...Just look it up.
more pictures of the M9130, warning full sized pics. Taken apart for cleaning, bolt apart and the whole gun.

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Nice looking rifles. I have two Mosins myself, a Russian 91/30 manufactured in 1942 and a Romanian M44 Carbine manufactured in 1954. For a military service rifle they're extremely accurate. I can easily hit a bulls-eye with iron sights at 100 yards, and the ammo is quite cheap. And powerful. Akin to a 30-06, so as far as energy transferred it's better than the 7.62 Nato. I recently put a turned down bolt handle on the M44 and mounted a scope, seems to work pretty well. It should make a nice deer rifle in the fall.

That's not to say I don't love my semi-automatic .308 VEPR though. It's based on the RPK design, virtually the same schematic as the AKM, just overall thicker and a little bit longer to handle the .308 round, and it has a 23 inch barrel.

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I have a bazillion .30 cal ammo cans and a few .50s, the best one I have is a can for smoke mortars, it's pretty huge. Would be a good base for a rocket crate sprite, take a bunch of pictures and spritize it in an editor.

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