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The Story and Theme

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I know that many stories have been submitted but we never have fully adopted any of them. The intermission text feels generic, but works. I think this would actually be ideal. This gives mystery to the monsters and places, or even the reason for fighting.

This neutral, generic story is perfect for pwads. Pwads themselves may have in-depth stories and would feel best with generic Freedoom items. If freedoom items or monsters have complicated backstories they would not blend into the pwads.

Lastly, it's an action game, almost nobody cares about the story anyway.

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Doom had a relatively generic story, but it was enough. People made wads based on the existing story elements, but carrying them further as well. Freedoom needs a story, even if it's just very simple, like "AGM is evil, and they are using cyborg reptiles to attack somewhere. Stop them and save anyone who needs saving" It shouldn't be generic, just simple.

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i do see cato's point. a generic story makes the game more flexible for creative mappers, i just don't see how having the 4 zam powerups would harm that goal

as with doom, people could still imagine their own interpretations to why the things in the game are the way they are. i like to think the stories maz and i come up with simply inform our designs, thats all

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