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Is there a way to somehow get the Brutal Doom Assault Rifle and put it into Doom?

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So I REALLY like the Assault Rifle in Brutal Doom, but I hate almost everything else in the mod...

I wish they(ID)would have considered an Assault Rifle in Doom 1/2, because it honestly is a good idea. It fits in with the game really well. Probably the only thing in Brutal Doom that fit with the game at all now that I look back on it...

It just doesn't make any sense how in a military facility, there is a plethora of pump shotguns and a chainsaw and all sorts of stuff but no military grade Assault Rifle!

Is there a way to get the Assault Rifle out of Brutal Doom and somehow get it to work with regular ol' Doom 1 and 2? Or could someone maybe make a mod that replaces the pistol with an Assault Rifle?

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So I just found out that Smooth Doom lets you use the Zombieman's rifle.

Maybe I can edit the rifle there to have the stats I want?

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I have been trying to get the resources for the GZDoom Assault Rifle (the automatic one) and the Revolver but no luck. As for Brutal Doom I'm assuming you need to open it up via Slade, find it in a Decorate file and alter the code to suit it as a resource. Just a guess though.

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Weapons of Saturn has the Assault Rifle although the sprites are from v19 albeit with original doom hands, although v20 uses a new set of sprites by mike12, so you might want to let him know if you're going to use them.

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