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Using Assets - Ask or just give credit?

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I'm working on the 6th Map of my project (with hopes to turn into a Megawad someday) and decided as progress is slowing I would like to release the first set of maps as the first chapter to Doom World.

So I'm nearing the completion stage and need to ask you fine people whether the assets I use can be credited in the ideal format provided by this site or I need to verbally communicate and receive permission from the authors themselves?

I don't want to be disrespectful to any of the great artists but I am using quite a large quantity of custom assets (Monsters, Props, Music and Textures) within these maps and getting verbal permission may be... a little overwhelming considering the process involved. Although I have managed to get permission for a couple songs thus far.

I would also hate to not be able to release my fine Wad I put lots of effort into just because of accusations of stolen assets.

Fortunately the Monsters and props are from Realm667 and the files always has credits available for viewing and download. The music however, some were taken from other peoples compilations for different wads to suit my needs. I'm hoping it's acceptable to simply identify and give credit to the author.

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Linguica said:


Is this including all the Monsters, Props and Texture packs publicly available in Realm667? I have a small fear not every single person is available to reach to request verbal permission as oppose to giving credit.

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First, I'm sure you don't mean literal verbal permission; second, making an effort to obtain permission where you can gives you credibility about taking efforts for anything else you couldn't contact people about. The only downside is being told no, which... means you shouldn't be using that asset anyway?

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If the resource/asset was submitted to a website specifically made for hosting user-made resources/assets then there's no need to ask for permission, simply just give credit where it's needed.

With regard to an asset that you are unsure of its origin, it's best to ask the person who utilized the asset where they received it from, then you'll be able to continue through the process as needed and such.

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Thanks for the advise.

I do feel simply giving Credit for assets clearly made available to the public is warranted but I did choose a couple songs I downloaded from a couple other compilations I definitely need to track down and seek permission.

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