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New mapper looking for wads to inspire.

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Hey folks, I'm a new mapper looking for wads to inspire me. I tinkered with Doom, back in the day, but never actually made a full map or anything.

I'd appreciate it if the wads that might be suggested, set the bar high, so that I can at least 'try' to shoot for the best quality that everyone else expects. I know there are plenty of lists on the net of the 'best wads' etc, but I'd like some current commentary from an active community... that's you guys. :)

Hopefully some of you can give me some examples of wads that are both well built and have engaging gameplay, because how a level looks, is as equally important to me as how it plays.

I'd also prefer to stay with examples that are closer to the id Doom experience... no gimmick maps or levels with insane populations, etc. Mega-wad examples are especially welcomed though, as some sort of mini-wad is my ultimate goal for myself.

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I recommend scythe. It's not technically complex but is admired for it's design sensibilities in mapflow and gameplay. The maps are like small little vignettes and will each teach you a quick lesson.

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I just got inspired by my friend's screenshots of his Doom maps and Doom itself, lol.

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Lots of suggestions... excellent. I'll check out each and everyone of these before I jump into mapping my own stuff. Thanks everyone so far.

scifista42 said:

Outstanding. This had hit my radar when I signed up here but I'd forgotten about it. /bow

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