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How to fix complex doom crash

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Sometimes I'm having problems to run Complex Doom v25d2.pk3 on gzDoom, when I face a Bomb Elemntal (modification of the pain Elemental) or in a certain point of the game (it happens more often when facing a Bomb Elemental), my game crashes, and so I have to start it again. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? I'm scared it will happen forever. Do I need to reset the pk3 or gzDoom?

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Complex Doom is for Zandronum, not GZDoom. In Zandronum, no crash occurs. I've found out that the GZDoom problem is not related to Bomb Elemental himself, but to Rictus, the flaming skull enemy he spawns. When Rictus performs his Kamikaze attack, GZDoom crashes as soon as he bumps into anything (wall, player, another thing). The crash is caused by A_Die function called from the death state of RictusSuicide. You can fix it this way: Open the pk3 in SLADE3, open "Monsters.dec", find actor "RictusSuicide", and delete or comment out the whole line with "A_Die".

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