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Looking for mappers for a project.

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Hello, I have am terrible at map design, so I need to get some people to help me make maps. I will do all the coding and other stuff. It's a project where you play as Duke Nukem, travel through time, and kick Dr. Proton's ass. most of the levels will be accessible through a hub. Post here if you want to help. Of course, I need to show you some screenshots. The maps will be for GZDoom, and make use of dynamic lighting, so keep that in mind.

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Can you explain a bit more of tge custom mechanics? I see stuff like money and weapons and it would benefit to know how much that impacts the game to get the best maps.

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Ok, here is the rundown:
-Enemies drop money which can be used at the shop in the hub level to buy various upgrades.
-Each level is accessible from the hub and is a different time period.
-Each time period has a new weapon.
-Every level has a way to upgrade your max ego (health) for instance signing an autograph.

Also it's a strife mod, forgot to mention.

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