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if you've got a ps4, don't skip out on Until Dawn

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I honestly didn't have high expectations picking up this game (movie games and their QTE's are generally lame and atrocious), despite all the praise and really good reviews since it's release a few days ago... but damn, almost near the end (I think) and it's gonna be one of those insta-horror classics/sleeper hits.

It takes quite a bit to make me squeal in fright... but this one got under my skin and is a butterfly effect mindfuck from start (albeit it takes a bit to get going) to finish.

it borrows all the right elements from all sorts of horror/suspense games, movies, novels and does one fine job in keeping it going throughout.

aside from some minor performance issues that'll take a patch or two to fix, some "interesting" controls (luckily optional modes), and some cheesy b-movie dialogue, it's really worth the time. controls are alot like the classic resident evil games, alan wake, and heavy rain.

there also happens to be a hidden freakout-cam mode that uses the ps4 camera (if you've got one) to secretly spy on you during scenes your likely to jump from. You can apparently watch these and share them later... though I wished it would have warned me as I'm completely ass nekkid in most of the clips (I mean, who doesn't play games naked in their own home)

love the cause & effect design... every decision you make, even miniscule and not obvious can and may (or may not) drastically affect the outcome even chapters later in the game.

Great movie. Great game. Pure psych thriller.


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