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Lodewijk van Rossum

Hello,.. and cross platform mp

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Hello my name is Lodewijk van Rossum from the Netherlands.

I installed some classic doom source ports and games a year ago, also the first quake
games and diffrent versions it has.
today i digged in my pc files to find that old game again. i wanted to play the first games that where made in the first person genre and learn how to run them, play them online, and customize them.
I found on my pc gzdoom that seemed to run without dosbox and read the wiki on how to play online but got stuck.
i tried google again and found the easiest was Zdeamon.

awsome i can now play the best game ever online on windows xp nativly.
i want to learn to make maps or mods for this game!

Thats for my introduction, now while i am writing anyway; i hope someone can answer this. is it in theory possible to play this game online on pc against someone playing from Playstation 3? i guess pc against linux would work because i remember vagely that i played quake 3 from linux against pc players.

I know its very rare for games to be cross platform multiplayer, (like only 2 or 3 console games that support it)
i just like and appreciate any input on this question. I will go on my path to learn mapping or modifying anything for this game anyway, even if it takes years.

Greetings from Lodewijk.

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Check out Zandronum, it is multiplatform so I guess it would have PC/linux compatibility.

Forget about compatibility with consoles, though :-D

EDIT: I stand corrected, I didn't know about the Xbox port of Odamex!

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