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Named script

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Hi, can anyone expalin me how to use named scripts?
In code editor I have:
script "test" (void)

And I have a 80 switch with checked "named script" with "test" script name. But when I start map - there is error: "Error: Script number 65535 exceeds 999!"
If I set numeric sript ID to swith - there is no error.
What I'm doing wrong?

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You can try using numbers instead of Script names, such as:

#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 1 (Void)


If there are still issues afterwards make sure the Flag "When player presses use" is flagged with Script Execute (80).

I'm guessing you're using either DoomBuilder 2 or GZDoomBuilder?

Alternatively I'm fairly positive you can simply go to Line Mode, select the Line that's supposed to be the switch and just select End Normal (243). That's on GZDoomBuilder.

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>You can try using numbers instead of Script names
Yes, I know it. But it is epic fail to use numbers instead of string names

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