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As soon as you make your own custom Map it should automatically replace the vanilla maps with yours. At least it does for me.

OR (now that I'm thinking about it) perhaps you may need to name the maps appropriately first. For example, if you name the map 'MAP01' then Doom will then recognize it as the first map. If you called the map 'TESTMAP' or 'Bukaki Love' or any other different/custom name, Doom will have no idea when this map should load.

>> So in the Doom Editor, name your map MAP01 <<

I'm guessing Doom may have the maps MAP01 - MAP30 hardcoded and will continue to follow that sequential path. However if you prefer not to name your maps MAP01 to MAP30 you can use a Program like 'Slade 3' to load your Wad and then include a 'MAPINFO' document. This document technically overwrites the default built in codes and redirects it to whatever you want.

Here is an example:
Note: I didn't change from the Hardcoded MAP01 path, I stuck with it

map MAP01 "Crash Land" (The custom name "Crash Land" will appear as the levels name when you view it during intermission and when viewing topdown Map)
cluster = 5
levelnum = 1(This line here tells Doom that THIS is the first map to play)
music = "D_ADRIAN"
sky1 = "SKY1"
next = "MAP02" (See how in this Document it says next level should be MAP02)
par = 100

This is just my theory though, as my custom Wads play in the right order naturally, which is probably thanks to me naming my maps based on the hardcoded names such as "MAP01, MAP02, MAP03" etc

If I'm wrong, please someone more knowledgeable and experienced correct me.

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You probably right :(
Some parts of DooM engine hardcoded
I tested it, f.e. you cannot use Teleport_NewMap with random map name, but maps with "MAP"XX work correclty

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