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Cyberpunk atmosphere wads?

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What would you suggest for a vanilla or boom compatible project with a strong techbase theme? And maybe custom textures?

I've played STRAIN, it was pretty good. I really enjoyed HacX, too, are there any wads for it? HacX 2.0 seems to be on hiatus.

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Good suggestions, I have a solid backlog it seems :-D

I'm open to more of course.

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Maybe you'd enjoy the collaboration between Iika Keranan and Anthony Czerwonka? Also 40oz has a community mapset in the works that follows the theme.

The cyberpunk theme is actually something I've been trying to recreate and while I'm designing it I even listen to retro synth to make sure I capture the atmosphere. :P At the same time making sure it's not derivative of other wads. But my levels will be out 2020 so this second paragraph is an unhelpful as fuck "me me me me" post. :P I really hope more people design maps in this style, though.

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dethtoll said:

UAC Ultra has a really strong industrial cyberpunk vibe.

Wow I forgot all about that one. My last favorite WAD I played in 2011.

Yeah, I need to catch up on my Dooming.

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