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Looking for immersive Doom WADs

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Alright guys, so here's the deal: There's a lot of amazing WADs out there, so many in fact that it's difficult to know where to look if you want something specific--and what I'm looking for is fairly specific. I want something that's truly immersive, something that almost makes me forget I'm playing a Doom modification and maybe even leaves a lasting impression. Here's a few examples:

The City of the Damned: Apocalypse
-This one is probably the prime example; a dark and spooky map with incredible architecture, sound design, and attention to detail. The story and atmosphere really sold this for me. The first time I walked out of that vent and the siren went off, the siren that I knew was the harbinger of really bad things thanks to the various notes I had read up until that point, I actually screamed and ran like hell. That's an experience I'll never forget. I'd like to know of more WADs that do something similar.

Ghoul's Forest 3
-Pretty simple; you're alone in a dark forest running from terrifying monsters and all you have to defend yourself is a bow.

ALIENS The Ultimate Doom TC
-This is the more recent Brutal Doom-like TC, and it gets a spot on this list for really pulling off the look and feel of the movie. It's terrifying when you're in a dark corridor and your motion tracker starts going off, and you're half afraid to turn on your flashlight because there might be a xenomorph right there. Brilliant work on this one.

-I've never played the original Exhumed/PowerSlave, but what was done with this mod was impressive; from the subtle bobbing of the view when you move, to the weapons and enemies, to the level design, to the way the water casts light reflections (how in the world did they do that?) and the underwater swimming, it was all very well done.

Sapphire by Tormentor667
-Even though it shares many monsters from Doom and subsequently doesn't 'make me forget I'm playing a Doom mod', I'm still listing it due to incredible level design

To summarize, what I'm basically looking for is:
1. Great level design, preferably with custom textures and that utilizes many of the capabilities of modern source ports.
2. Custom resources such as monsters and weapons; not essential, but it helps add to the immersion.
3. Something with great atmosphere, such as TCOTD
4. While not required, it helps if it's story-driven and isn't just shooting hordes of baddies.
5. This one's really not essential, but it's still something I'd like. I'd prefer it if these WADs were coop and compatible with Zandronum, as (G)Zdoom's multiplayer is practically broken with out of sync errors galore. Still, I don't mind if it's GZDoom only.

Thanks in advance for your responses. :)

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FuzzballFox said:

Unloved for sure- very atmospheric and sucks you right in~!

Unloved is awesome, probably my favorite GZDoom mod.

32 Inch Nails is pretty damn creepy, the atmosphere and music is unsettling and you feel very oppressed most of the time. There's a ridiculous level near the end though that seems out of place (slaughtermap in Hell) that I wouldn't mind in its own WAD, but here it ruins the tone. I changemap when it comes on.

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I am huge on immersive packs. That's actually why im trying to make the most atmospheric immersive one i can.

but i think hellground is awesome for that.
I am playing temple of the ancients and loving it. it took me a minute, but then it clicked in. plus the gameplay is so damn weird.

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