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DoomImpBall is fast no matter what number I define

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I have NO ******* CLUE why I suddenly can't change anything regarding the speed of the imp ball! I've changed the imp's ball to be a baron's ball for a greater difficulty when playing, and I started out with this:

// Imp fireball
ACTOR BaronBall
Game Doom
SpawnID 10
Radius 6
Height 16
Speed 15
FastSpeed 20
Damage 8
RenderStyle Add
Alpha 1
SeeSound "imp/attack"
DeathSound "imp/shotx"

So everything seems fine. It shoots green balls instead of the red ones, but I noticed they were going extremely fast ingame, even though the setting was on "fast monsters: no"

So I changed "speed 15" to "speed 10", with no difference. Now I've changed both "Speed" and "FastSpeed" to 1, and it STILL goes fast! WTF?! Help me!

I'm using slade to edit the zdoom.pk3, and I'm making sure to save everything before playing everytime.

EDIT: I found the problem. For some reason, I had to edit the properties of the baron ball in the txt files containing the properties of the Baron. Strange... Anyways it works! You can mark this as solved or delete the thread, whatever

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This might have something to do with those huge bolded red (probably ought to be flashing too) warnings on the ZDoom wiki to not redefine existing classes in DECORATE.

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