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board-specific icons for ports/features

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We quite often get questions and answers in here that are port-specific, but don't mention which port the question (or answer) are relevant to. How about having custom message icons for these boards so you could tag a thread "ZDOOM", etc.?

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Thinking about this a bit more, things like "Vanilla", "ZDoom" etc would be useful on more than just Editing. At least Wads and Mods too. So, rather than have to figure out how to do board-specific ones (which apparently is the blocker), perhaps we could repurpose some of the existing ones? I mean, some of them must get basically no use anyway, right? So, someone with DB admin access: would you be prepared to run a query to see how many times each has been used, and maybe we could rewrite some of the least popular ones to others and repurpose those?

So hypothetically, if it turns out that almost nobody ever used 'Funderful', any post that did could be mass-db-edited to use "hello" or something, and we could repurpose Funderful.

If we could do this for (say) 4 icons, we could have the right column of icons be Vanilla, ZDoom, raised limits, Boom (or some other set of 4, what ever people thing is useful)

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