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Hexen scare

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Has anyone played some Hexen level with Korax where he suddenly started going berserk SCREAMING ALL THE TIME AND BLOWING SHIT UP before you even meet him? It has happened to me in Dark Crucible while I was patiently looking for Moire errors near the start. It was the same feeling as when the whole wall behind me crumbles.

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That happened to me once, and I got scared. I was five.

In retrospect, I'm wondering how I made it to Dark Crucible when I was only five. Probably cheats.

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vtm said:

Never but... Can you post a video? you got me curious.

I wish, but it doesn't seem to happen every time, and involved waiting. When I tested it in Hexen+ it didn't happen. Maybe it only happens with original Hexen, maybe not...

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Hexen+ is a hack of vanilla Hexen where all that is changed is the size of some static arrays (for visplanes and stuff), so it should not have any impact on behavior.

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