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zdaemon ingame video recording....perfomance trouble...

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Today i just sit and add ingame mpeg video encoder to zdaemon...(mpeg1 encoder and mpg_record/mpg_stop commands)
I use unoptimized berkley's encoder,and perfomance was VERY slow...
On my Duron 933 320x240 screens adds to mpeg file with fps max - 23 ,and less 10<
I think if i find other mpeg1 encoder or other mpeg4 encoder and presumably maybe it come on half faster...will that have sense with this big perf. requierements? I dont know...

I want to know middle speed of CPU's used by community peoples ...
Please post here your higher CPU model ,which u use for play doom.


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wow guys u have a crazy machines,hehe...
well when i done normal encoding i post it somthing here

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Mines a prehistoric dino of a k62 333 its covered in dust and its on its last legs. Na not really i keep it clean. Well my little servants do here at Tedsville Hall.

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Night-Fang said:


Raaarrrrr, die die die!

Before Christmas my main computer was P1 180 Mhz, and my secondary comp was a 486DX 66 Mhz, but now the 180 Mhz is my secondary one.

My friend plays Doom on a 486 SX 33 Mhz that I gave him, but it only just runs doom2.exe and he doesn't have the internet. He'll be getting a decent computer soon so, so watch out for DuDe [TiK] (lol) on doom.

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