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DOOM 3 "Client unknown to auth" Multiplayer error [Solved] .

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A Little help guys, i was trying to play DOOM 3 online with some of my friends but each time i try to connect to any server i get "Client Unknown to auth" error, i have a Legal steam copy with it's expansion "Resurrection of Evil", i tried removing doom3key file from base folder and re-entering my CD-key but it didn't help me out, any solution ?
EDIT : I Tried to also disable the firewall but it didn't work, It used to work fine and i was able to join all servers without any problem, what's wrong ? I'm seeing people having the same problem with Quake 4 .

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Ok i fixed it, i used Revouninstaller to remove the entire game with all the leftovers (CD-Keys, Reg files,Cache ... etc) then reinstalled the game, It worx fine now :)

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