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The ID shrine - a tribute & collection to vintage id software

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So over the past while, I was building up quite a shrine for classic id software (with heavy emphasis on DOOM), going from stuff I originally had, to various things other collectors had given or sold to me, with many duplicates, trying to cherry pick the best of the best out of them all.

Most of the rest of the stuff (missing manuals, discs, too damage or too imperfect) were given away, sold, or raffled off here and on the Facebook Doomworld group over the past few months... so if you're going to ask if I have anything left to share, I unfortunately do not.

I was aiming for "complete form" relics, either sealed and new, or like new (unsealed box, but unused/sealed contents)... which I achieved, as most of the items are sealed and new (with the exception of Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM mailorder, all of which are open box, but like new, unused contents)

I didn't want to be so much a "collector" per se... but rather just make a tribute/shrine. I find most collectors rarely give their collections due respects, opting to stuff as much as they can in a box or squirrel it away in a room where it's never to see the light of day. Not all, but a lot of them. And don't even get me started on the hoarders & resellers... who are out to make a buck and make it that much harder for anyone else to build their own shrine.

I had a near-strict rule... one of each. Like a hellish version of Noah's Ark. And where you see duplicates in my collection is not as it seems... I may have (2) copies of a single title... but different disk formats (CD or 3.5" floppy).

On a lighter note, I've seen some really damn good collections and tributes by others, which inspired me to pay homage to id & DOOM myself.

What I've got to show isn't the biggest id software or DOOM collection by anymeans... no, there are far larger out there (Dusty Womack and Mahmut Saral come to mind immediately)... but this one sure is pretty, if I do say so myself, and certainly unique: many of the items signed by John Romero, Tom Hall, and Aubrey Hodges (as personal favor and request, which I am eternally grateful that they honored.). Indeed, the coolest dudes and gaming gods on the planet took some time out of their busy schedule to partake in this, for some of the items are from their very own collection.

And one item in particular that really shines: a nextstation turbo color that was owned and signed by Romero. (No, it no longer contains any id-relative data, as Fraggle assisted me in determining that it was reimaged long ago before it was sent my way)

There's still a few things I'm working on obtaining... The full 1996 DOOM pewter set is on its way right now, a sealed copy of mailorder Wolfenstein 3D is also on its way, and I still have a few things to track down (such as sealed boxed copy of Keen Dreams, 3do DOOM, GBA Doom's, and some other small stuff), but this is pretty much the sum of it here and I see no reason to hide it any further.

I've included a video in which I recorded tonight, as it is currently. And there is a picture gallery link below that... showing the various items up close and all the relics at various stages over the past few months while I worked on constructing this.

Hope you all enjoy! And I'd love to see other's id & DOOM collections posted here on this thread too! Do share!

One last thing... I focused solely on classic id stuff here. While I do have things like expansion packs, Quake 4, Rage, RTCW tin collectors, Wolf:New Order collectors edition, etc etc etc... I've set those aside for another project for 3rd party id stuff (and things like Heretic/Hexen, etc will eventually join).

Anywho, have a looksee:



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The half-set that you see in the gallery's was sold here a month or so ago.

I purchased a full '96 set that should be shipping by end of the month. :)

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Buckshot said:

The half-set that you see in the gallery's was sold here a month or so ago.

I purchased a full '96 set that should be shipping by end of the month. :)

Ah cool, yeah I knew you had a full set, didn't realise it hadn't arrived yet.

I sold two of mine to someone who contacted me cold - not sure if you put them in touch with me, if so, thanks! Going to try and sell most of the rest (planning to keep the caco only)

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