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Looking for a Doom 3 mod.

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There was a mod called Tested v7. When filefront went down it seems that the internet took v7 with it. I have found V6 but not v7. I was wondering if anyone had a backup of this mod by chance?

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Many of DOOM 3 Mods were lost because DOOM 3 filefront was taken down, idk if it's still available for download elsewhere .

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I recently downloaded and played V7, just a few months before filefront went down. If you can show me an easy to use upload site I could upload it.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

They are not, idk why, i remember more mods on D3 Filefront (including this one) and they're not there .

It's the same files server they've always been using though.

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J.B.R said:

Sites like these are pure garbage, never upload to these sites, ignore them, use mediafire or mega instead.

Speedyshare is good when all you need is to quickly share a file with somebody else and if you don't mind that the download will expire the 2nd or 3rd next week.

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