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Counterstoat Generic Multiplayer Experience

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(It's a weasel, yes. Well they hunt stoats. Hence "counterstoat.wad". Shut yer mush.)

The ***exceptionally popular*** Countergoat Initiative duel mapset originally had a lot of submissions from yours truly, but they were discarded for various reasons, the main one being of course "being incorrectly-sized". Indeed, some of these maps are rather intrusively massive for duels. Hence, they're arranged in kind-of-ascending order of size, with the duelly maps first and the larger deathmatch arenas towards the end. Most of these will be good for 2-4 players - plus, for the larger ones.

10 maps total, Boom-compatible, Zandronum recommended. MAP10 makes (purely decorative) use of some ZDoom-only custom actors.

MAP01: Coat Hangar
MAP02: Trouble in Browntown
MAP03: Game of Stones
MAP04: Overdetailed Pumping Station #3406581905899B
MAP05: Coloring with Alfonzo
MAP06: Shortbread Sugar Rush
MAP07: The Bimmy-Jimmy Power Hour
MAP08: Zimbabwe
MAP09: The Great Barrier Lava Reef
MAP10: Tarnsman's Bad Day at the Slimer Factory

Some screenshots!


Ye download.
Downloaf (RC1)

Suggestions welcome. These maps may not be your ultimate duelling or deathmatching experience by any means but if there are any glaring errors I am willing to refine them. Cheerses.

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As of 04/09/2015 Team Countergoat Initiative is officially recognising all stoats as integral allies in combating the goat menace. This makes your compilation a defilement of the cause and an act of treason. Your Moroccan passport is revoked and you are banned from all pancake fundraising events until further notice.

PS. Some of these maps are okay!

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Ah ha. I had always wondered who made Overdetailed Pumping Station #3406581905899B, I had seen Tarnsman Duel someone on this map around May of 2014 & I used the mas as a base design for my Mayhem2048 map, which in turn has lead me to making my very first Megawad for which I am now 20 maps into. So thanks for making that map Jimmy.

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