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TAS Challenges: Do you want to see the Impossible in Doom?

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Can a former human (green-haired zombieman) defeat a healthy mancubus, when the player cannot directly interfere? No? What about killing an arch-vile with just a pistol and 50 bullets, no cover? It was rwdpa who started a thread which led to speculation about interesting TAS challenges: events which are impossible to do when normally playing Doom, but, when giving experts an infinite number of quicksaves and reloads, or just an opportunity to build each Doomguy's movement tic by tic, they can be accomplished and viewed. Aqfaq started the first challenge thread. Check out the Doom Speed Demos subforum for more. We encourage you to give us ideas, or even create maps. Make sure your task is really impossible with normal play, but theoretically possible.

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Not sure if I get it. Is the "player" manipulating the RNG sequence so the Mancubus doesn't go in its Pain state and wake up?

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Yes, but it's not enough.
Not entering pain state -> sometimes the manc stays dormant. Then, according to Akse, if a shot is about to wake the manc up, he moves away from the manc (keep in mind that there's no infighting, the zombieman is targetting the player all the time), and then does futher manipulation so that the zombieman misses the shot. I guess it may be very unclear at first...

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