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Sector 666 demos [-complevel 2]

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You may or may not know about Skillsaw's debut release Sector 666. He didn't go by that name in 1998, so if you look up his name in the archive it doesn't show up.

Well anyway, I made a UV Max demo for each of the 11 maps using GlBoom+, so here they are.

Most of these times should be easily beatable, mainly because I have no interest in optimizing my times to such a point that I can only replicate similar runs every ten or so tries. I'd rather my times reflect my skill level consistently, even if they have to be slightly less impressive because of it.

Still, some of them are much better than the current records on DSDA, mainly because this WAD is very underplayed.

I did attach a Zip file, but if you'd rather watch it streamed than download it, here you go:


sector 666 demos.zip

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