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Eternity Engine Eureka Editor configuration

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Hello, here I have a configuration file (.ugh extension) for Eureka Editor for Eternity Engine level editing. It should give you access to portals, slopes, attached surfaces, script triggers and so on. At the time of this writing, only linedef types and thing types have been added. Other stuff like new thing types and linedef types are hard-coded in Eureka and can't be changed in .ugh files. For ExtraData editing you still need to have the SLADE3 wad editor handy, and probably a secondary wad file for the data lump.

Download it here. It may be updated at any moment without notice, since it's exactly the configuration I use when I work.

To use it, you can use the Manage WADs/Manage Project dialog and load it the same way you'd load a resource WAD.

Alternatively, installation instructions, if you want to make it permanent:


- For Windows Vista and later (7, 8, 8.1 and later): locate AppData\Roaming\EurekaEditor in your home directory. AppData may be hidden. If so, try typing its path in the Explorer address bar (put quotes and precede it by your home path, e.g. "c:\users\<yourname>\appdata\roaming\eurekaeditor" — the drive letter may vary, and you must put your exact username). Create a directory in there called ports if it doesn't exist. Copy the downloaded file there.
- For OSX: locate Library/Application Support/eureka-editor in your home directory. Library may be hidden. If so, press CMD+G while in Finder and type ~/Library/Application Support/eureka-editor. Create a directory in there called ports if it doesn't exist. Copy the downloaded file there.
- For Linux: locate ~/.eureka. As well, it may be hidden from your visual explorer, so you may have to use the Terminal or the "Go to" menu option to get there. Create a directory in there called ports if it doesn't exist. Copy the downloaded file there.

Sorry for this manual sequence but until we have an automated, safe and user-trusted way to put these in, this shall go manually.

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Thanks for this, I will add it to Eureka SVN shortly.

Note you can use this config file just by loading it as a resource (in the File > Manage Project dialog), i.e. it is not absolutely essential to "install" it.

Some linetypes in the file are missing "EE" prefix, which I will fix, and there are some BOOM stuff in there which does not need to be there -- just include "boom" somewhere in the file.

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Thanks; well I wasn't sure if this is "official" quality material, but thanks. I thought to truncate all descriptions to 24 characters, that's why some look funny (such as the portal ones). Removing "EE: " was part of the process of reducing size.

A few stuff are not included, because editing them is hard-coded in Eureka:

- thing flag Dormant (512) — like in Hexen
- linedef flag 3D Middle Texture (1024) — makes the linedef middle texture act as a 3D floor

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I'd rather keep the EE prefix so you can filter them (in or out) using the Match text.

I will make a note of those new flags. New flags are not easily added (especially in LineDef panel where there is almost no free space when the window is at the minimum size).

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Committed now, with quite a few changes, e.g. the 'x' and 'w' categories only had two entries and so I moved those linetypes into the "Other" category.

Let me know if you have any issues with this config.

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