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I'm stupid, how do I play demos?

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What port do you use?

For Vanilla Doom 2 it goes like this at the DOS prompt:
"doom2.exe -playdemo thedemo" where "thedemo" will play back the file "thedemo.lmp".

For PrBoom-Plus it's real easy on Windows. Just associate .lmp files with PrBoom-Plus and when you double click a .lmp file, the PrBoom-plus launcher will prompt you for the iwad and pwad, and then it plays.

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1. Open up notepad.exe

2. type:

[insertfilepathhere]prboom-plus.exe -iwad "[insertfilepathhere]DOOM2.WAD" 
-file "[insertfilepathhere][desiredpwad]" -playdemo 
where [insertfilepathhere] is the full file path of the items. as in "C:\Program Files\Source Ports\Prboomplus\prboom-plus.exe" and "C:\Program Files\Games\Doom\DOOM2.WAD"

The first item doesn't need to be enclosed in quotes (the part with prboom-plus.exe in it) but the other items do. [desiredpwad] is the filename of the pwad for which the demo you want to play is, such as AV.wad for Alien Vendetta. You can omit that part if it's demo of a Doom 2 level though. [insertdemolumphere] is the demo file that ends in ".lmp"

3. Save As

4. Select the dropdown menu that says "Save as type" Text Document

5. Change it to "All Files"

6. set the file name as "playdemo.bat"

7. run the .bat file.

8. ????

9. DEMO!

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