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my new map - hard and long!

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since some months, i'm working on a new map. the map is long and hard and not finished yet but i'm working on it every day. what is still to do? some detailing and some little changes but normally you can play through the map without big problems. there are some weird bugs for whatever reason in some rooms, but i can't change this things so far but it's nothing big and i'm working on it. the map is made for zdoom because pr-boom plus has this weird infinity tall thing, so you can't run over things and so you can't play this map really good on pr-boom plus but maybe someone will try it also and maybe it's not so bad. i need some good playtesters, to give me feedback because as i said, the map is hard and long but nice in detail and gameplay, with no big problems to play normally. and the map needs cc4-tex to play. demos are welcome, if anyone could make one, it would be nice. if anyone is interested in the map, for his megawad project, just tell me so.

and to all playtesters. nice try and have fun playing!



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If you showed some, more people would get potentially interested / motivated to try the wad.

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Things the author forgot to mention:

- load it with cc4-tex (although the filename was a bit of a clue)
- More Monsters Than Nuts.Wad™

Other stuff I noted:

- No Boom linedef specials (type>141)
- It loads in Pr+ but as expected an awful lot of blocking hanging bodies were reported.

I imagine setting comperr_hangsolid would be a good idea. Not sure about stuff that blocks from below you, I haven't made it out of the first room yet, there doesn't seem to be enough ammo...

Finally here's a picture of the start

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There is enough ammo at the start, the problem is that it's really unfair. You can't see where the SSG and the all the ammo are, and even with freelook you don't have time since the mancubi will shoot at you. I didn't figured how to progress from the starting room. Is jumping allowed??
Also saying that it is on slot 26 it would be better.

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random incoherent post asjhldjasklfhjla:

I'd say there's definitely enough ammo for everything and the traps aren't very difficult in the first half of the map, especially if you know what's coming. Wouldn't call it easy either though. Have no idea about 2nd half though. Died in the room with 5k chainers, which seems quite undoable when you're playing blind, especially since it ruins your fps so much. Despite my pc being relatively good, it was a pathetic slideshow. But for some reason, no one lagged out and the server we played on survived.

Monstercount tricked me into expecting it to be a slaughtermap, but in fact it appeared to be a huge puzzle map, it's like eternall.wad on crack! Almost every step you make involves finding some cryptic, barely visible button, and it would've taken us way longer than 1h 20min to get to the chainers room (you know the one) had i not used Doom Builder while playing. Surprisingly, we encountered only one area that seemed to break in coop, and only two inescapable pits (unless jumping and crouching is required, but i believe they're not). All in all, i weirdly enjoyed the experience, - it's fun hunting for the next hidden button and exploring this hard and long beast deeper and deeper. I don't think this map is for everyone though, nor i think it has high replayability value, but it's nice and fun if you like it hard and long.

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- Saying this is Map 26 in the original post would have been incredibly helpful.
- Is this intended to be done with jumping on? It is easy to miss the SSG, and there are plenty of rockets around but no RL? I ran out of ammo killing the Mancubii due to poor SSG ammo picking on my part, which is easily done. Even if I kill those, I don't see what to do next.

Overall this didn't inspire me to play for more than a few minutes...

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