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Mithran Denizen

Projectiles activating walkover floors

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In a map I'm working on, I've run into an issue seemingly similar to that described in this thread. A trap opened by generalized action 24752 (a walkover lowering floor) is being inadvertantly triggered by crossing stray projectiles, both from the player's weapons and from enemy attacks.

Here's a small map demonstrating the effect. In PrBoom+/ZDoom/etc, running across the water will lower the pillar as expected. In Eternity, projectiles (whether from the player or from a monster) fired across the water will lower the pillar as well.

From what testing I did, both 'one-time' and 'repeatable' triggers are affected. For whatever reason, changing the 'model' flag from 'numeric' to 'trigger' seems to stop this behaviour, however.

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